1 October: new release of Fortica® system

1 October: new release of Fortica® system

1 October: new release of Fortica® system

Hotraco Agri has been working hard in 2018 to further expand the innovative Fortica® system with new controls, the new SyslinQ Remote App and a new management program in which the user takes centre stage! These new functionalities and solutions result in improved performance of broilers, layers and breeders, and also support poultry farmers in the running of a well-organised and efficient operation. We were proud to present the upgraded Fortica® system this summer at VIV Europe and, as promised, it will be ready for market from 1 October 2018!


New functionalities result in a single all-round system for all types of poultry houses

The full touchscreen Fortica® is a versatile and extremely user-friendly automation system for broilers, layers and breeders. The Fortica® has been specially developed to control all the important processes in all possible types of barns. These processes include, for instance, climate control, ventilation, animal weighing, lighting, feed and water control, and now also nest control, egg counting and hopper feeding! Unlike on competing systems, all the processes in the barn can be controlled from a single touchscreen computer: ensuring optimum user-friendliness and clarity!

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Nest control and nest monitoring in free-range and aviary housing systems

With the aid of the Fortica® feed, water and lighting control with switched light timers, a poultry farmer can train the animals to go to the right floor and the right nest in the system at precisely the right time. The nests can be controlled in two groups. By dimming various lighting controls in a specific order, the animals are sent to another floor. The light intensity can also be automatically increased during the laying period to prevent outdoor eggs. Additional functions, such as daylight control and a winter garden control, make the Fortica® a very comprehensive all-round system.

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Automated egg counting

The innovative Fortica® system now also offers poultry farmers the option of egg counting in free-range and aviary housing systems for nest, system and cross conveyors. The fully automatic counting of system eggs is unique and highly innovative in this sector. The accurate counting of the eggs means that deviations per barn and per group are now immediately visible. Fortica® provides poultry farmers with important information about the performance of their animals, such as an insight into the laying percentage and the number of eggs. This gives poultry farmers a solid basis for determining the best strategy.

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Hopper feeding

The new hopper feeding control in the Fortica® system has been specially developed for breeders and rearing birds. This control allows poultry farmers not only to ration feed, but also to regulate the quantity and composition of feed separately for cocks and hens and to ensure that the animals are in optimum condition, thus achieving the maximum number of hatching eggs and a high fertilisation percentage.

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Fortica SyslinQ remote

With the Fortica SyslinQ remote app it is possible to control all connected process systems via a smartphone or tablet and to operate them from anywhere in the world. In short, from a single screen the poultry farmer can view the Fortica-P poultry computer, the Fortica-FWS feed weighing computer and the overall FortLink unit, and can change settings as required. The screen layout in the app is exactly the same as that on the computer. In addition, the main menu can be fully customised according to the poultry farmer’s personal wishes, so that the most important parameters will also be displayed quickly on the app.

Alarm centre for maximum safety

This new management program for the Fortica® system makes important management information available quickly and clearly, so that poultry farmers can implement improvements efficiently and can respond immediately and appropriately to any acute changes. Fortus Farm Management also has an alarm centre that alerts poultry farmers personally in the event of acute changes in the barn. Thanks to the priority categories, they can see whether immediate action is required or whether it can be done during their routine daily rounds.