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New Thomas® dry feed controller

New Thomas® Feed

For the past several years, we have been working on this project with pig farmers and industry leaders from all around the world. We integrated the intelligence and experience of hundreds of pig farmers, and decades of product innovation, in one single system.

Meet the new generation of dry feed control in pig houses

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For reliable and efficient feeding processes

From scratch, we re-engineered Thomas® to become the perfect pig dry feeding solution for every pig house on the planet. The new Thomas® empowers pig farmers to create a reliable and efficient feeding processes, that result in: optimal animal health and growth, more precise feeding per room and per animal and lower feeding costs.

Thomas Feed Remote App

Thomas® also improves the farmer's daily life

However, in the process development, we had another key focus area: improving the daily lives of pig farmers. With the radically improved Thomas you get more insight, more control, more free time and less worry. Our Remote App gives you insight and control of every aspect your pig house’s feeding system: anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Take a look inside the brain of Thomas®

The possibilities you have with Thomas are endless. To give you an impression of Thomas its features, functionalities and integrations, we created a 3D representation of Thomas on our website. Take a look inside his brain here.

See 3D application

Curious to learn how your pig operations could benefit from Thomas®?