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Responsive Egg Flow Control per barn with Fortica® control system

Egg Flow control with Fortica

Hotraco has developed a new software addition to Fortica®: Responsive Egg Flow Control. This smart system enables a steady egg output to the processing point, by automatically adjusting the speed of the belts. Consequently, the number of eggs on the collection belt always perfectly matches the packing or processing capacity. This results in less shell damage, decreased collection time, less labor costs, and an optimal egg mix.

Benefits of Responsive Egg Flow Control:

Steady egg output
Reduce shell damage
Save time and production costs
Optimal egg mix

The next big thing in modern egg production

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Save production costs

Hotraco’s Responsive Egg Flow Control is an automatic egg counting and communication system where multiple egg counters (one per belt) communicate with the Fortica control system. The Fortica then automatically adjusts the speed of the belts to ensure a steady egg output to the processing point. The egg flow can now run smoothly, resulting in less shell damage and saves time and costs by reducing collection time and staffing requirements.

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Respond fast when production results go down

Egg flow is best monitored by using EggXact egg counters. These new egg counters are designed and optimized for reliability and durability. They use the latest technology and provide you with real-time laying percentages per belt with 99.5% accuracy. Thanks to the continuous exchange of information, you get real-time insight into the number of eggs per belt, per day, hour, and minute in each barn. This allows you to react faster when production results go down due to failures or diseases.

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How does Responsive Egg Flow Control work?

In this infographic, you can see how the system provides a real-time insight of the egg flow per belt. The egg counters register the number of eggs per belt, after which all data is collected efficiently by Fortica®.

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