SD 9 display

New SD-9 Silo Display available

Silo Display

We have expanded our feed weighing package with a new product: SD-9 Silo Display. This new silo display makes the feed filling process easier and prevents feed waste because the truckdriver of the feed supplier has live visibility of the silo fill level.

Benefits of SD-9 Silo Display

No more feed waste
Easy feed fill process
Live visibility of silo fill level
Simple and reliable system

Why use Hotraco’s SD-9 Silo Display?

Normally the content of silos and their current level of fill is only visible on the main controller. When silo weighing is applied, the SD-9 can display the content of up to 9 silos. The SD-9 is mounted near to silos, so the driver who supplies the feed can see the filling grade in real time. When the farm manager sets the levels for the ‘FILL’ and ‘STOP’ warning, the SD-9 shows said warnings accordingly so the driver knows which silo should be filled first and when the filling should be stopped.

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