New release Fortica® system for poultry market

New release Fortica® system for poultry market

Hotraco Agri will launch a new release of its innovative Fortica® system on 1 April 2019. This release is packed with new solutions and functionalities that support poultry farmers in improving animal performance and boosting the efficiency of their business operations. For example, there are new Fortica® controls for climate and the feeding systems. New features have also been added to the Fortus Farm Management software to improve animal performance management. Hotraco Agri also places great importance on ease of use for poultry farmers, so we have made improvements of this type wherever possible.

New release Fortica system for poultry market1

New climate and ventilation solutions for optimum poultry house conditions

Various controls in the Fortica® have been changed and expanded, which means you have more options for climate and ventilation control. A new feature is the completely integrated control for air inlet units. This new ventilation control ensures equal air distribution in the house based on negative pressure, positive pressure, or equal pressure. This control makes it possible to control up to 8 components, namely: damper, intake fan, cassette intake unit, bypass flap, side inlet flaps, front inlet flaps, and two universal air inlets.

Real feel temperature

Also new is the real feel temperature determination for broilers, which is based on the measured room temperature, air speed, and humidity. This real feel temperature determination is important for poultry houses that are ventilated with tunnel ventilation. Significant improvements have been made to the heat exchanger control, including the addition of a minimum curve so it can be kept running even after the desired house temperature has been reached. This reduces the particulate emissions and makes the installation compliant with the EU Particulate Matter Directive. In order to properly regulate the minimum extraction of heat exchangers with an ever-increasing capacity, a damper is used. From now on, it is possible to control this damper via the Fortica® control system. The tunnel ventilation control and the transition between ventilation modes have also been improved and expanded.

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New feed control for layers

With the Fortica® system it is now possible to control the feed chains or feed pans in six groups. This system is particularly helpful for sending the animals to the right floor and getting them back into the systems on time, especially in free-range and aviary barns. In this way the Fortica system helps poultry farmers train their animals and maximize their performance.

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More user-friendliness thanks to new thumbnails

A lot of effort has also gone into the design: the Fortica® screens have been graphically tweaked and made clearer to improve the ease of use for poultry farmers. The Fortica® system can now be further personalized with new thumbnails so the poultry farmer can find the information he needs at a glance via the innovative touch screen.

For optimum user convenience...

The poultry farmer now has more options for personalizing the programm, for example by deciding for himself which management data he wants to see in the location overview.

Like the Fortica® system, the Fortus Farm Management software now also includes the Performance section, where you can easily and clearly see animal weight, livability, and feed conversion for broilers. The animal weight overview now also includes the daily growth of the broilers. Moreover, the programm is now available in 7 languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Chinese. Finally, Hotraco Agri has created a demo version for dealers. This allows Hotraco dealers to familiarize themselves with the software and provide their customers with a demonstration or training.

In short, the new release of the Fortica® system in combination with the handy management software offers many new possibilities for poultry farmers and Hotraco dealers.

Would you like more information about the new release of the Fortica® system and its management software? Then please contact a Hotraco Agri account manager.

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