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New poultry controller Antares is available now!

We proudly present Hotraco's new compact poultry controller: Antares!

Antares is Hotraco’s newest 7” compact farm controller. With its broad package of functionalities, remote control, extensive connectivity and big data features, Antares represents the most solid foundation for the future of farm management, automating and optimizing all crucial farm processes.

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The farm controller that unleashes your farm’s potential

With its 7” screen and intuitive ease of use, this controller easily enables farmers to leave behind manual tasks and rely on data-driven farm automation. This in turn allows to minimize costs while achieving the highest performance out of the animals’ genetic potential. Antares is the compact controller for the smart automation of all your barn processes – from ventilation, climate control, feeding and watering, to animal and silo weighing and lighting. Discover the benefits of automation for your farm. Reduce costs, save labor, eliminate human errors, and boost profits as you enhance the lives of your animals.