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New functionality SyslinQ Remote App

SyslinQ Remote

The SyslinQ Remote App allows you to remotely control the Fortica® system with a smartphone or tablet. This Remote App has now been expanded with a new handy functionality: the Notification Module.

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Notifications (push messages) from the barn

When a negative change occurs in your barn, the Fortica® system issues an alarm or warning. From now on, it is also possible to receive these alarms and warnings as notifications on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. This way you quickly see whether immediate action is required or whether it is something that can wait until your daily rounds.

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User friendly and time saving

The Notification Module of the SyslinQ Remote App works just like notifications from other apps, such as Facebook Messenger. It is a personal alarm that helps you to respond in a timely manner to keep your animals in optimum condition. Very user friendly and time saving!

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SyslinQ Remote Notification Module

This new functionality can be purchased via an extra module for the SyslinQ Remote App. Please contact your Hotraco Dealer to request the SyslinQ Remote Notification Module.

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