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New Fortica-CEC controller for Central Egg Collection

Make egg collection easy, automatic and effective

We are excited to announce our new Fortica-CEC Controller, a revolutionary system that can manage the egg flow in a whole farm with multiple barns. The Fortica was already a smart device that could control an optimal egg flow per barn, but with the Fortica Central Egg Collection (CEC), it can now adjust the egg flow according to the egg distribution in every barn. This way, Fortica-CEC ensures the desired output of eggs for efficient packing, grading and processing.

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Automated operations and decreased system complexity

Fortica-CEC controls several components in the egg flow and collection system, automating operations and simplifying the overall process. This is done through the continuous exchange of information that allows to react faster to the changing conditions of the layer barn. Multiple egg belts communicate with each other to ensure a constant supply of eggs. The system knows the amount of eggs per belt and automatically adjusts their speed to match collection needs and the packing capacity, as well automatically stopping and resuming processes when necessary.

Download Fortica-CEC flyer