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Launch of new Management Program

Launch of new Management Program

26 September

Get to know our new management program for the Fortica® system in which the user takes centre stage! The Fortus Farm Management program is a very user-friendly management system that makes relevant data from the barn graphically visible and enabling poultry farmers to easily compare the data for all their barns. Such data might include results concerning mortality, animal weight, climate, feed and water intake. Poultry farmers can organise the dashboard of the management system themselves and decide which data they regard as important and want to compare.

This new management program for the Fortica® system makes important management information available quickly and clearly, so that poultry farmers can implement improvements efficiently and can respond immediately and appropriately to any acute changes.

Alarm centre for maximum safety
Fortus Farm Management also has an alarm centre that alerts poultry farmers personally in the event of acute changes in the barn. Thanks to the priority categories, they can see whether immediate action is required or whether it can be done during their routine daily rounds.

This new management programm is available from October 1st togheter with the new release of the Fortica® System!

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