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Launch of new management program for pig farmers

Prisma Farm Management

Hotraco Agri is introducing a new management program for the pig farmer, called: Prisma Farm Management. The application serves to provide clear and efficient operational management and supports pig farmers in improving animal performance. Prisma Farm Management works hand in hand with the Thomas automation system and is now market-ready!

Launch of new management program for pig farmers

User-friendly management system

This very user-friendly management system presents relevant barn data graphically. The pig farmer now has the perfect tool for quick, easy comparison of data from all the barns. Among other things, this includes measurement results for animal weight, climate, feed, and water intake. Moreover, the pig farmer can fully customize the management system dashboard to show exactly the data he wants to see, based on what he considers important and wants to compare.

Launch of new management program for pig farmers2

Efficiently manage for improvements

This new application for the Thomas® system presents important management information quickly and clearly so the poultry farmer can efficiently manage for improvements and respond to any abrupt changes directly and adequately.

Would you like more information about the new Prisma Farm Management program for pig farming? Please contact a Hotraco Agri account manager.

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