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Hotraco Dynamic Heat Control

Optimal temperature and reduce heating costs

With winter coming, it is important that the heat control in your barn is working as it should. The Hotraco Dynamic Heat Control helps you with this. This highly intelligent heat control for poultry houses ensures optimum temperature control in your barn and reduces your heating costs.

Discover the benefits of Dynamic Heat Control

Optimum temperature control in your barn
Improved animal health
Better litter quality
Lower heating costs
Fortica system total control

No excess heat in the house

The Dynamic Heat Control is an intelligent control for regulating the heat in poultry houses and is included as standard in the Fortica® systems. This smart heat control reduces the excess heat that is ventilated to the outside while also maintaining optimum temperature in the barn. As part of this process, the heat control system takes various factors into account, including the heat losses in the barn due to weather conditions and the heat produced by the animals.

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Dynamic Heat Control reduces heating costs

The Dynamic Heat Control continuously monitors and analyses the effect of heat adjustments on the temperature in the barn. As a result, no excess heat is produced and there is no need for extra ventilation, which can cause cold air to fall on the animals. In this way, this intelligent heat control ensures improved animal health, better bedding quality and lower heating costs. And you no longer have to worry about optimum temperature control in your barn.