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Continuously up-to-date laying percentage


Continuously up-to-date laying percentage

Do you want continuous insight into the egg production of your layers or breeders? Hotraco Agri egg counters automatically register the number of eggs in your poultry house. That way you are aware of the performance of your animals 24/7 and you always have an up-to-date laying percentage. The egg production can also serve as a good indication of the health of your animals.

Egg counting for different types of poultry houses

Hotraco Agri egg counters can be used in many different types of houses: in houses with group housing or in free-range and aviary housing systems for nest, system and cross belts. The fully automatic counting of system eggs is unique and highly innovative in this sector. The accurate counting of the eggs means that deviations per barn and per group are now immediately visible. This system gives you a solid basis for determining the best strategy.