Equal pressure ventilation system in new laying hen house

The Hooijdonk family of Huijbergen (NL) recently opened a new laying hen house. The new, modern house for 27,000 laying hens has the 1-star Beter Leven Keurmerk [Better Living Certification]. As a result of this expansion, the farm now has room for 90,000 laying hens. The house has a free range area, so the hens can go to a winter garden. The climate, feed, water and lighting are all controlled by the innovative Fortica® system.

FreeFlow ventilation

Hotraco Agri applied the FreeFlow ventilation concept in these houses. FreeFlow is a ventilation concept specially developed for free-range houses. To limit the number of emission points, the solution with equal pressure ventilation was chosen. This solution is based on equal pressure in the house. By controlling the chimneys for both the air inlet and exhaust at the same time, Fortica® maintains equal pressure in the house, regardless of whether the pop holes are open or closed. Fresh air is blown in through the inlet chimneys and warm air is blown out through the exhaust chimneys. With this solution, no end-wall fans are required.

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