Remote+ App improved!

Maintain control from the palm of your hand!

The Remote+ App allows you to remotely control the Orion, Cygnus and Sirius system with a smartphone or tablet. Total control, wherever you are! From a single screen, the poultry farmer can view all settings and make changes. This Remote+ App has now been improved!

Higher level of user-friendliness

With the improved app you can create groups per animal group, merge locations, change names and more easily find what you are looking for with a search function. Logging in has also been made easier, and alarm messages are visible.

These new functionalities provide a higher level of user-friendliness. This gives you, the poultry farmer, a better overview of the various settings and enables you to respond quickly and accurately, wherever you are. Maintain control from the palm of your hand!

Better overview of your poultry farm

Download now

Hotraco's renewed Remote+ App can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Android).

Remote+ App for IOS

Remote+ App for Android