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Hotraco Agri works with a worldwide network of partners, such as dealers, installers, barn automation specialists and integrators, who market our systems. Together we are committed to a common goal: creating the best automation solution for the farmer so he can achieve the greatest returns.

Cooperation with Hotraco Agri

As a dealer or installer, you are the first point of contact for the farmer. Hotraco Agri remains involved and supports every partner through the 24/7 availability of our service department. Our service team is able to use the very latest IT technologies to control our customers' systems, wherever they are in the world. As a partner, you receive training in the sale, installation and service of our systems at our own Hotraco Academy.

Complete project engineering

In addition to the automation systems we have developed ourselves, we also supply a complete range of peripheral equipment so you can offer each customer a turnkey solution. We only work with high quality, reliable products from top name suppliers. From ventilation components to lighting, and from motors to frequency controllers. In short, everything you – as a partner – need to complete a project for the farmer, from start to finish.

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