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Hotraco Agri's business objective is to provide total peace of mind for livestock farmers through the creation of innovative automation systems. We help poultry, pig and cattle farmers improve animal performance and boost operational efficiency by providing complete automation solutions. In doing so, we mainly focus on the regulation, control and monitoring of barn processes. From ventilation and climate control, feed and water control, animal weighing, lighting and egg counting to farm management.

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Hotraco's History

Hotraco Agri, serving you since 1974

Hotraco Agri B.V. was founded in the De Peel region of the Netherlands in 1974. This region has long history of livestock farms, mainly with pigs and poultry. It was also a hotbed of technical industry. With their combination of technical and agricultural background, and a clear understanding of the needs within the agricultural sector, the founders of Hotraco Agri started the company to develop and produce control technology for barns.

World player in control technology and automation for the livestock sector

Over the past 45 years, Hotraco Agri has grown to become a global player in the field of control technology and automation in the intensive livestock sector. With a worldwide network of dealers and installers, and sales offices in China, Colombia and India, we guarantee our customers worldwide support.

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