EuroTier 2016

EuroTier 2016

23 November

Wir danken Ihnen allen für den Besuch unseres Messestands und der erfolgreichen Vorstellung des Automationssystems Thomas® und des Lüftungssystems Fortica®FreeFlow®. Den Videorückblick zur EuroTier 2016 finden Sie hier.


Thomas® is a system that guarantees perfect harmony between control computers, dry feed and ventilation systems in pig farming. Linked to an innovative control and management program, it collects and analyses all the data required and generated by the business and displays them in user-friendly charts. See the Thomas® video here.


We have present a highly innovative solution for optimum ventilation of free range houses with pop hole doors. Fortica®FreeFlow® automatically switches from negative to positive pressure ventilation when the pop hole doors are opened. See the Fortica®FreeFlow® video here.