Two new modern broiler houses

16 August, 2017

The official opening of two brand new broiler houses for the Boerma family was held on 21 July 2017. They are being used to house 46,000 slower-growing broiler chickens. These modern barns are provided with the latest layout and systems. Some features of the barn include daylight provision in the side facade with automatic black out curtain, pop holes in the side facade, and heat exchangers for each barn. Hotraco Agri designed switch panels with the Fortica® system to control all processes in the broiler houses, from climate control, ventilation and lighting to feed and water control. The heat exchanger is also completely integrated into the Fortica® system. The Fortica® touchscreen gives you quick, clear insight into every process, and making changes has never been easier. The Boerma family ran the first cycle in the new barn in May.


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