Thomas® SmartFlow maintains optimal climate for fattening pigs

10 October, 2017

Two brand new pig fattening barns are currently under construction in Odiliapeel, a small village in the province of Brabant. The new buildings will meet the very latest requirements for animal welfare, environment and fire safety. One of the two barns, which will house 1728 fattening pigs and 2304 piglets, was recently completed. Our dealer Van Boxtel Elektro installed the system there.

The Thomas® system maintains an optimal climate in this barn, based on SmartFlow ventilation. With Thomas® SmartFlow the difference in pressure between the compartment and the central duct is measured to determine how much air must be moved in the compartments. Fresh air enters the barn via the air inlet, driven by the SmartWinch. The fresh air reaches the animals via a ventilation ceiling in the compartment. Extraction of the air is regulated through ADU valves.

In addition to the climate, in this installation Thomas® also regulates the dimming of the LED lighting in the compartment. The SmartLink-RM also makes its possible to control the barn systems remotely via a smartphone app or from the PC at home.  Thomas® will manage it!


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