New laying hens company with 120,000 animals in Merksplas

1 September, 2015

Flemish laying hen keepers Roel van Dun (38), his sister Inge (41) and her husband Tom Brokken (41) will soon be able to mill and mix their own feed at their laying hen company in Merksplas near Turnhout in Belgium. "By mixing wheat, dried corn and barley ourselves we are able to reduce our feed costs", Van Dun explains. On Friday, 28 August they had an open day and visitors were able to take a look around the two bird houses which accommodate a total of close to 120,000 laying hens.

Two levels

Both bird houses have two levels, which have each  been fitted with an ORION-PS. A manure dryer has been installed behind the bird houses. The extracted air is pushed through the manure dryer with the aid of high pressure fans. The manure is also pre-dried in the bird houses with the aid of an air mixing cabinet. Moreover additional fans have been placed for extra capacity.

Egg collection

The eggs from both two-level bird houses go to one joint egg packaging area fitted with a packer. The eggs are taken to a cross-conveyor via elevators and are counted by an EMEC egg counter per row and per level. Hotraco developed a small switch panel for the egg collection which hangs close to the egg packer and controls the entire process.

Feed kitchen

The feed kitchen is controlled by the Orion-MX. The company has 5 storage silos of 60 cubic meters each in which they store the core feed, wheat, barley or dried corn. The feed ingredients are transported from a chute to the storage silos by means of an elevator. Grinders take the ingredients from the silos to the ribbon mixer either directly or via a hammer mill. After mixing the ingredients and core feed, the feed mixture is transported to one of the two daily storage silos, which each have a capacity of 6 tonnes.

The entire project was completed by our professional dealer Wouters Klimaattechniek



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