Fortica Free Flow in Canada

Fortica Free Flow in Canada
26 October, 2016

At the start of the year, a number of laying hen barns were delivered in Canada by our dealer Walbern Agri-Systems Ltd. Hotraco Agri has used the new Free Flow ventilation concept in these barns. Free Flow is a ventilation concept which has been specially developed for free-range barns. The ventilation in the barn is based on a negative and positive pressure in the barn. This ventilation concept is fully controlled by one switch panel for each barn with an integrated Fortica computer: Fortica®FreeFlow®.

This concept was chosen because the barns have free-range pop hole doors. The fresh air enters the barn via air blast tubes with an adjustable distribution plate and exits the barn via the free-range pop hole doors. As a result, warm air leaves the barn passing over the bedding, which prevents any damp areas. If the free-range pop holes are closed, the air blast tubes are turned off and the end wall ventilation is turned on. This creates a negative pressure in the barn and air enters the barn via the air inlet tubes. This process is controlled fully automatically by the Fortica computer.

More and more free-range barns will be built and this concept is, therefore, the ideal ventilation concept for the future.


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