Large pig company completed in Belarus

Large pig company completed in Belarus
3 August, 2016

A large pig company for 1,500 sows has recently been completed in Belarus. Hotraco Agri, along with its local partner, designed the system for ventilation, cooling, heating and dry feed control. The entire operation comprises an insemination unit, gestation barn, six farrowing sections, nine nursing sections, 16 barns for fattening pigs, a barn for boars, two breeding units and also a quarantine room.

The dry feed control in the different barns is controlled by the SIRIUS-DF-2 computers. The climate in all the barns is controlled separately for each section by a SIRIUS-V computer. The farrowing and nursing sections have ceiling ventilation and the other sections are equipped with inlet valves in the side wall. These inlet valves are powered by SmartWinch 24V motors with an emergency supply unit as backup.  All the barns are equipped with a humidity sensor and certain sections are fitted with high-pressure sprinkler cooling. In addition, the entire project is fitted with an extensive alarm system. An exceptional aspect of this project is that the barns are fitted with extra alarm settings for NH3 (ammonia) and CO2. All climate and feed computers are linked to the Rainbow+ PC program and can be controlled via the Hotraco app by smartphone.


Sensors for humidity and temperature in the nursing section
The insemination unit is fitted with inlet valves on the side and extraction chimneys in the centre
The climate and feeding are regulated with Hotraco computers
The computers can be controlled via the Hotraco app by smartphone
The dry feed controls are regulated by the SIRIUS-DF-2 computer
Certain sections are fitted with high-pressure sprinkler cooling
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