FORTICA-PBC Poultry computer for broilers in cage housing

FORTICA-PBC - Poultry computer for broiler cage housing

The Fortica-PBC was specially developed for poultry houses with broilers in cage housing. With the Fortica all your barn processes are automated through a single system. Poultry houses with cage housing demand uniform air distribution throughout. To achieve this good air distribution for the animals the Fortica-PBC controls aspects such as ceiling ventilation and various types of heating and cooling. In the first few days, broiler chicks need a comfortable and warm environment with minimal ventilation. As the chicks grow, the living environment must change and the animals will require more cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. Besides the climate, all other facets are perfectly attuned to each other with the Fortica-PBC:

  • Climate
  • Feed
  • Water
  • Lighting
  • Animal weighing


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