FORTICA-PB Poultry computer for broilers in floor housing


The FORTICA-PB is a climate and management computer that is especially suited for stables with floor housing for broilers. The Fortica-PB regulates and controls the quality of life of the animals for a optimal result.

Touch Screen control

The revolutionary and intuitive touchscreen display can be fully customised per user, similar to the interface on a smartphone or a tablet. Clear symbols are used to create a 3D overview of the poultry houses and the computer and all texts can be configured in the user’s preferred language, including Chinese. The result is an extremely user-friendly poultry computer that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via an online application. All information about the poultry house can be requested and accessed by the user. The innovative touchscreen poultry computer by Hotraco Agri gives users total control of all barn processes, including climate, feed, water, lighting and animal weighing.



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New turkey house in Canada

A new turkey house in Ontario, Canada has been automated with the Fortica® system. This modern farm is going to house 30,000 chicks. The chicks will stay in this house for about 5-6 weeks.

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