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Automation for every type of poultry house

Hotraco Agri offers automation systems for every poultry farmer and every type of poultry house, which regulate, control and monitor your house processes. From extremely advanced computers and management programs to simple controllers and applications. Each and every one is intended to reduce your workload and ensure that your animals remain in optimum condition.

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Remote control

The SyslinQ Remote App allows you to remotely control the Fortica® system with a smartphone or tablet. You can view and change all the controls remotely, 24/7. This gives you insight into all the poultry house processes, anywhere, anytime, as well as the ability to adjust the controls. These include your systems for climate control, feed and animal weighing, for example. The app's screen layout is exactly the same as that on your touchscreen computer. This makes the SyslinQ Remote App very user-friendly and gives you total control over all your house processes from the palm of your hand.

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Orion® system

The Orion® poultry computer helps to optimise or improve production. Hotraco Agri offers a suitable management system for every branch in the poultry farming sector, which can be adapted to meet specific needs or requirements. All processes in the poultry house can be checked and controlled on a single display from one central location and keyboard.

Fortica®: the all-in-one system

The Fortica® is an extremely user-friendly and universal poultry automation system that gives you total control over all the house processes. This all-in-one system is suitable for all types of broilers, layers, breeders and pullets. It regulates, controls and monitors all your house processes, such as climate, feed, water, lighting, animal weighing and egg counting. The full touchscreen operation makes this system extremely user friendly and clear.

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Novus Farm Management

Do you want at-a-glance insight into your animals' living conditions? With the Novus Farm Management program, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed and water intake and more, for all the houses. Novus Farm Management is part of the Fortica® system and visualises all relevant house data graphically and clearly in charts and diagrams on your PC.

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Integrated control panels

Do you want to be able to operate all your equipment clearly and safely from a one square metre space? An integrated control panel from Hotraco Agri offers you a complete overview at a glance. It is the control centre of your barn, safely protected behind a door to prevent dust from getting into sensitive equipment, which eliminates a lot of problems. Moreover, it takes little time for your installer to install this panel, and any problems can be localised and corrected quickly.

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Smart Data Collector

Do you want to be able to retrieve current data from your barn computer quickly and easily? You can, with Hotraco Agri's Smart Data Collector. It gives you 24/7 access to all current data from your barn. The Smart Data Collector is designed for the Orion-P computer for poultry farms.

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