16 November, 2016
On the EuroTier Hotraco Agri introduced a completely new automated system for pig farming: Thomas® – Total Hotraco Online Management & Automation System. This  is the outcome of more than 40 years' experience in the development of automated solutions for the livestock industry. We have now combined this experience and know-how with our existing experience in the pig sector to develop a... Read more +
Hotraco Agri presents Fortica®FreeFlow®
14 November, 2016
Hotraco Agri will present a highly innovative solution for optimum ventilation of free range houses with pop hole doors: Fortica®FreeFlow®. We responds to four relevant problems experienced by these poultry farmers: condensation on the litter at pop hole doors, strong air stream at the pop hole doors which can reduce the productivity of the animals, an optimal distribution of fresh air in the... Read more +
In easy reach of your barn with the Fortica app
2 November, 2016
At the EuroTier, we will show you all the things you can do with the user-friendly Fortica app. We will also demonstrate the Fortica PC management program, which gives you a clear overview of the living conditions of your animals.   Visit us at the EuroTier in Hanover, Hall 17, booth C41.
11 September, 2016
Our Hotraco team looks back at a very successful VIV China which was held from September 6-8 in Beijing. We are very pleased to have spoken to many of our Hotraco dealers and new contacts.  At our Hotraco booth on the Holland Pavilion there was much positive feedback on our products, such as the Swineherd pig controller and Fortica touchscreen poultry computer. Furthermore there was also a lot of... Read more +
New house style for the Remote+ app
15 June, 2016
The Remote+ app for smartphones has recently been given a new look and is now identical to the house style of the ORION, CYGNUS and SIRIUS.  For example, operation via a smartphone is now exactly the same as when using the relevant controller. It is even possible to choose between the old front and the new front via the settings menu:                      The IOS version of the new Remote+ app... Read more +
Quickly and easily monitor the maximum and minimum levels in your feed silo with the new Silo Monitoring Box from Hotraco Agri
4 April, 2016
Quickly and easily monitor the maximum and minimum levels in your feed silo with the new Silo Monitoring Box from Hotraco Agri. Sensors send a signal to the Silo Monitoring Box if the silo is nearly full or almost empty. The empty warning is given by an alarm contact and the full warning is given by a 95 dB buzzer. That way, you always know in time when to order new feed and no feed is spilled by... Read more +
The new ORION-P version 4.06 simplifies the calibration of silos and bird weighing scales
23 March, 2016
It is important for silos and bird weighing scales to be calibrated so that they can weigh as accurately as possible. The new ORION-P version 4.06 further simplifies the calibration function for silos and bird weighing scales. Easy configuration The calibration can now be configured quickly and easily via the ORION system settings and it is no longer necessary to go through the installation... Read more +
Multiphase switch panel for dry feed control from Hotraco Agri
14 March, 2016
Besides the recently introduced SIRIUS-DF-2 dry feed computer, there is now also a multiphase switch panel for controlling a dry feed system. The switch panel has an integrated SIRIUS-DF-2 computer as standard. The motors for the feed auger or the feed circuit can be connected directly to the panel and a maximum of 4 augers and 2 circuits can be controlled. This panel can be fitted with two... Read more +
Hotraco Agri’s Fortica is now officially IP54 certified!
1 March, 2016
Hotraco Agri has always placed great importance on quality. Our priority is to ensure that you are able to correctly control the climate in your barn. Measurement and control equipment that is reliable under all conditions is essential for this. For that reason, the Fortica poultry computer is placed in a casing made from special plastic to protect it against dust and water. To be sure that the... Read more +
18 February, 2016
From 15 till 17 February the VIV MEA  took place in Abu Dhabi, UAE  for the first time. It is THE international platform from "Feed to Food" for the Middle East and Africa. Hotraco Agri participated in cooperation with its dealer Poultec from Lebanon to the fair by one large combined booth. It was Hotraco a successful first edition of this fair, where many visitors were able to find their way to... Read more +


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