3 May, 2017
Hotraco Agri is participating in a study at Wageningen University and Research about LED lighting in pig barns. The study is being conducted by Wageningen Livestock Research at the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC), Sterksel. This is the multifunctional research centre for modern, innovative and sustainable pig farming. Hotraco Agri is working on this study together with the groups DLV Consultancy,... Read more +
20 April, 2017
We have new brochures for the Fortica® Poultry system and the Thomas® Pig system in different languages. All our brochures, flyers and product sheets are free to download from our website under the menu downloads. The manuals are available on our Extranet, a secure area exclusively intended for our customers. The database is completely up to date. Visit  
3 April, 2017
Switch & distribution panels Electrotechnical engineering is the foundation of efficient functioning of installations and systems. The electrical installation is the beating heart of a company. Our innovations in this specific field ensure operational reliability, durability, safety and mobility. A carefully thought out and implemented cabling ensures a flawless connection between the... Read more +
Thomas® automation system @ pig farm van den Broek
23 March, 2017
At the end of last year, Hotraco Agri introduced an entirely new automation system for the pig farming sector: Thomas® – the Total Hotraco Online Management & Automation System. This system is the result of more than 40 years' experience in the development of automated solutions for the livestock industry. Thomas® is a system that guarantees perfect harmony between control computers and dry... Read more +
20 March, 2017
The JB-SWS was updated at the start of this year. The JB-SWS is a connecting box for a silo weighing system (SWS). With the new version, each load cell is connected to its own connector. This makes it easier to connect them. But there is another great advantage. It is now a lot easier to find out which load cell is faulty. Since the load cells are connected individually with plug-in connectors,... Read more +
Successful IPPE show
9 February, 2017
The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), which was held in Atlanta (USA) from 31 January to 2 February 2017, is one of the largest international trade shows in the world with over 30,000 visitors from the poultry, meat, and feed industry. With a strong focus on creating innovative, problem-specific solutions for optimal barn automation, Hotraco Agri showed what it has. And with... Read more +
Meet us at IPPE in Atlanta USA
27 January, 2017
Poultry automation is not just about solving problems. It’s about creating solutions. Innovative solutions for optimal poultry house automation. Fully customizable and upgradeable systems to regulate, control, monitor and optimize all animal housing processes. From climate control and ventilation to feed and water control, animal weighing, egg counting and fire safety. For every situation, barn,... Read more +
Hotraco América Latína
9 December, 2016
With the establishment of Hotraco América Latína and the opening of a branch office in Medellín, Colombia, Hotraco Group further expands its service coverage. Hotraco has already been serving numerous South American customers from the Netherlands for many years. From Medellín the company is now also able to offer local support. Although use of the latest computer communications technology makes... Read more +
New Multifan high pressure fans
7 December, 2016
Our environment is changing. There is increasing demand for high pressure fans for air scrubbers, heat exchangers and drying systems. There is also increasing pressure from European regulations to put energy-efficient products on the market. That is why Multifan has been bringing an updated high pressure line (up to 450 Pa) onto the market since 1 December. These fans have been specially... Read more +
23 November, 2016
We thank you all for visiting our booth and the successful introduction of the Thomas® automation system and the Fortica®FreeFlow® ventilation system. Watch the aftermovie for EuroTier 2016 here.   Thomas® Thomas® is a system that guarantees perfect harmony between control computers, dry feed and ventilation systems in pig farming. Linked to an innovative control and management program, it... Read more +


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