18 March, 2019
Our Hotraco Agri team looks back at a very successful VIV Asia, which was held from March 13-15 in Bangkok. During the exhibition we were able to make many visitors enthusiastic about the automation systems of Hotraco Agri. Barn automation that makes animal performance visible – such as animal growth and feed & water consumption. Controlling and monitoring these variables is very important... Read more +
13 March, 2019
With Orange Fan Control, Hotraco Agri introduces an extremely energy-efficient ventilation control for the new generation of adjustable speed, high performance end-wall fans. A big advantage of these adjustable speed end-wall fans is that you can reduce the power consumption (kWh) by adjusting the speed of the fan. Hotraco Agri is the first independent party that achieves the highest power... Read more +
11 March, 2019
We are working hard to provide our customers with maximum support. Therefore we are really happy that we expand our sales team with experienced poultry specialist Jacek Siminiak. Jacek is started at Hotraco Agri on 1 March as an International Account Manager. He is responsible for the sales and market development in Eastern and Central Europe. He has a lot of experience and contacts in this... Read more +
Visit Hotraco Agri at VIV Asia 2019
18 February, 2019
Hotraco Agri will be exhibiting at VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand from 13 to 15 March. We would like to invite you to visit our booth 3040 in hall 100. We will be delighted to show you how we can help poultry and pig farmers improve their business results with intelligent automation systems.   Ventilation and climate control Feed and water control Animal weighing Lighting Egg counting Nest... Read more +
15 February, 2019
In order to achieve the best results, poultry farmers need to monitor and control the egg production, growth, feed and water consumption of their birds. During the IPPE exhibition in Atlanta (US), February 12th-14th, we showed our visitors from all over America how we help poultry farmers to improve their production processes using our intelligent control systems. We are proudly looking back on a... Read more +
Meet us in hall c, booth C11461
22 January, 2019
Hotraco Agri will be exhibiting at IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA from 12 to 14 February. We would like to show you how we can help farmers improve their business results with intelligent barn automation systems. From ventilation and climate control, feed and water control, animal weighing, lighting and egg counting, to nest control. Being in control means reduced costs and more profit. Our barn... Read more +
15 January, 2019
Today we celebrate the 25th work anniversary of our Sales Account manager Frank Schreurs. Congratulations on behalf of the entire Hotraco Agri team!
19 November, 2018
We thank you all for visiting our booth at the EuroTier 2018. It was a fantastic week with many interesting meetings. We have shown how Thomas® helps to achieve better animal performance. Meet Thomas® for better animal performance
25 October, 2018
Thomas® boosts the performance of your animals. Do you need to automate your customers climate, lighting, weighing and feed processes? Meet Thomas® at EuroTier, visit Booth E40 in hall 17. EuroTier 2018 is held from November 13 to 16 at the Hanover Messe in Hanover Germany.     Meet Thomas®   EuroTier - Hanover, Germany   Booth E40, hall 17
8 October, 2018
The negative pressure sensor is an important element of good climate control in the barn. This sensor is connected to the climate computer and measures the difference between the outside air pressure and the air pressure in the barn. By lowering the air pressure in the barn relative to the outside air pressure, fresh outside air is drawn into the barn. Hotraco Agri introduces a new negative... Read more +


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