Fortica for broiler houses
23 July, 2019
The user-friendly Fortica® system controls four broiler houses, with a total of 110,000 animals, at the Mekkes farm in Geesbrug, located in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. Controlling all barn processes from one reliable system is ideal, according to the broiler farmer Mekkes. The Fortica® system controls the climate, feed, water, animal weighing and lighting in all the houses. Good... Read more +
1 July, 2019
A new release of the user-friendly Novus Farm Management software will be presented on 1 July 2019. This new release is full of new features and functionalities for you as a poultry farmer. With the Novus Farm Management program, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed and water intake and more, from all the houses. Management of animal... Read more +
7 June, 2019
It’s Testimonial Friday! We place a testimonial video every 1st Friday of the month. Today a Swiss Pig farmer, who talks about his experience with the Thomas® system at his farm. The Thomas® system is a very accurate and ensures a perfect climate. 'The pigs are simply calmer and you need less antibiotics'. 'The production is certainly higher'.
6 June, 2019
Because of Pentecoast we are closed on Monday 10 June 2019. You will not be able to reach us by phone during this day. In the event of breakdowns, our service department will be offering a limited service. On Teusday 11 June we will be fully at your disposal.  
3 June, 2019
The malfunction on the SmartLink server has been resolved. You can reconnect with Rainbow+ and the Remote+ app via the SmartLink server. Once again our apologies for the inconvenience. if something still doesn't work, please contact our helpdesk: +31 (0) 77- 3275020.
8 May, 2019
Hotraco Agri will be exhibiting at CAHE in China from 18 to 20 May 2019. We would like to invite you to visit our booth AJ01-1 in hall A3. We will be delighted to show you how we can help poultry and pig farmers improve their business results with complete automation systems.   Ventilation and climate control Feed and water control Animal weighing Lighting Egg counting Farm management CAHE (... Read more +
3 May, 2019
It’s Testimonial Friday! We place a testimonial video every 1st Friday of the month. Today a broiler farmer from the United Kingdom, who talks about his experience with the Fortica® system at his farm. He keeps control of his birds, anywhere and anytime. ‘it’s very easy to use and the results are great!’
16 April, 2019
A large new modern pig farm is being built by pig farmer Gert-Jan Vullings in collaboration with the Houbensteyn Group. The farm will be housed 19.000 finishers, spread over 2 floors. The new construction is part of the New Mixed Farm in the Witveldweg agricultural development area, in the municipality of Horst aan de Maas (The Netherlands). Houbensteyn Groep builds "an innovative, world-class... Read more +
5 April, 2019
It’s Testimonial Friday! In the coming months we will place a testimonial video every 1st Friday of the month. We start today with a video from our Swiss dealer JENNI Lüftungen. JENNI Lüftungen talks about the partnership with Hotraco Agri. ‘A partner who thinks along with solutions for the industry’. Satisfied farmers is what matters most for both parties, that’s why we wake up every day.
1 April, 2019
Hotraco Agri will launch a new release of its innovative Fortica® system on 1 April 2019. This release is packed with new solutions and functionalities that support poultry farmers in improving animal performance and boosting the efficiency of their business operations. For example, there are new Fortica® controls for climate and the feeding systems. New features have also been added to the Novus... Read more +


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