Introduction of new receiving bin for the electronic feed weigher

30 August

Dosing feed accurately is effortless with the electronic feed weigher from Hotraco Agri. An important part of this feed weigher is the bin the feed falls into after weighing. Hotraco Agri has developed a new receiving bin that is multifunctional and better keeps the dust inside. But this bin has other advantages, too.


More advantages with the new bin for electronic feed weighing:

  • The bin's outlet adapter can be fitted to the feed auger in two ways: at 30 and 0 degrees.
  • The outlet adapter has a hole for the minimum sensor, so you no longer have to make one yourself.
  • The receiving bin is shipped in a very compact package, because it is delivered as an unassembled kit.

If you would like to have a look at the complete product information and manual, please see the attachment.

Would you like to know more about the application possibilities and advantages of the Hotraco feed weigher with its bin? Please contact a Hotraco Agri account manager.

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