Thomas® will manage it!

Thomas® will manage it!

23 March

At the end of last year, Hotraco Agri introduced an entirely new automation system for the pig farming sector: Thomas® – the Total Hotraco Online Management & Automation System. This system is the result of more than 40 years' experience in the development of automated solutions for the livestock industry.

Thomas® is a system that guarantees perfect harmony between control computers and dry feed and ventilation systems. The system, linked to an innovative control and management program, collects and analyses all the data required and generated by the business and then displays the data in user-friendly charts.

An optimal barn climate

Every conceivable sensor can be connected to the Thomas® system. Thomas® provides an insight into both the temperature and the RH, CO2 and NH3 levels in the barn, and adjusts the ventilation settings if necessary. SmartFlow ventilation is ideally suited to use in combination with the Thomas® system. The SmartFlow system measures the pressure difference across the control unit and obviates the need for a measurement fan in the pig compartment. This results in more accurate ventilation, including at minimum ventilation levels, as SmartFlow is not dependent on minimum air speeds. In addition to this accurate ventilation, Thomas® can also control dimmable (LED) lighting – and, moreover the Thomas® feed computers are ideally suited to the implementation of your feed strategy. Thomas® can control all types of dry feed systems ranging from phase feeding, silo weighing to circuit and dosing control.

Free app

Purchasers of the communication module receive a free app that enables pig farmers to use their smartphone, tablet or PC and to view all the settings and operate all Thomas® computers. The app is very simple to use and convenient, as the buttons and screens are exactly the same as those on the Thomas® computer. Pig farmers can use the app from any location to respond quickly and accurately to developments in the barn.


The EasyButton is also a new feature. The EasyButton can be used to select various phases, such as unloading, soaking, cleaning, drying and heating: Thomas® then ensures that the preset program is completed for each phase. The EasyButton can also be used to bridge the light controller.

You can take a look at Wim van den Broek's pig barn in Lunteren here. Wim works with the Thomas® Automation system.