6 January, 2020
The Hotraco Agri Team wishes you a healthy, happy and successful 2020!  
27 November, 2019
Hotraco Agri will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Monday, December 23rd 2019 until and including January 3rd 2020. We will not be reachable by telephone during this period. In the event of breakdowns, our Service department will be offering a limited service.   Important dates We will continue to ship goods until and including Friday, December 20th 2019,12.00 hour. Our Sales... Read more +
Take control of your poultry data with Novus Farm Management
22 November, 2019
Do you want at-a-glance insight into your animals' living conditions? With the Novus Farm Management program, you can easily and quickly check and compare results of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed and water intake and more, for all the houses. Novus Farm Management is part of the Fortica® system and visualises all relevant house data graphically and clearly in charts and diagrams on... Read more +
15 November, 2019
The Hotraco Academy looks back on two successful training weeks for our partners. Thanks to all Hotraco dealers who participated in the technical training courses. We are happy to support our partners in every possible way, to achieve the best results together.
18 October, 2019
As a pig farmer, it is important for you to be able to follow your animals' growth. To do this, you need to be able to monitor the pigs' weight development closely. Hotraco Agri's automatic animal weighing solution helps pig farmers continuously track animal weight and achieve the optimum sale weight as efficiently as possible.
4 October, 2019
Do you want to be able to retrieve current data from your barn computer quickly and easily? You can, with Hotraco Agri's Smart Data Collector. It gives you 24/7 access to all current data from your barn. The Smart Data Collector is designed for the Orion-P computer for poultry farms. The Smart Data Collector is very easy to use. The computers in your poultry house are connected to a SmartLink,... Read more +
30 September, 2019
Do you want continuous insight into the egg production of your layers or breeders? Hotraco Agri egg counters automatically register the number of eggs in your poultry house. That way you are aware of the performance of your animals 24/7 and you always have an up-to-date laying percentage. The egg production can also serve as a good indication of the health of your animals. Egg counting for... Read more +
27 September, 2019
Hotraco will be exhibiting at the OVUM 2019 in Lima, Peru from 9 to 11 October 2019. The OVUM 2019 is the XXVI Latin American Poultry Congress. An event full of new ideas, with top-level professionals and with the best exponents of Latin American Poultry. We would like to show you how we can help farmers improve their business results with intelligent barn automation systems. From ventilation and... Read more +
Open day Houbensteyn
11 September, 2019
On Saturday 28 September 2019, Hotraco is organizing an open day in collaboration with Houbensteyn Heideveld at the new modern pigfarm of the Houbensteyn Group. In this farm 19,000 fattening pigs will be housed, spread over 2 floors. An innovative, world-class farm with great attention to animal welfare and the environment. You are welcome from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. See attachment for more... Read more +
6 September, 2019
It’s Testimonial Friday! Today a good story about the Thomas® system with Swiss Pig farmer Simon Duppenthaler. Accurate ventilation whatever the weather. 'The climate around the pigs is good, the feel comfortable.' If the pigs are fine, then it's also economically better.


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