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Hotraco Agri’s VIV Partner Party

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You are more than welcome at our Hotraco Agri’s VIV Partner Event.

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(VIV Europe, Hotraco booth 12C100 > Fort Vechten > Train station: Utrecht Centraal)

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About the VIV Partner Event

At the second day of VIV Europe, Wednesday June 1, we have arranged a special event for our partners in the evening. This event will take place at an extraordinary atmospheric location: the stunning fortress ‘Fort bij Vechten’. At this event, we will share an update about our vision, and there will be food, drinks, music, entertainment and more.

We will gather at our Hotraco booth (12C100) at VIV Europe at 17:00. From here buses will take us to 'Fort Vechten'. At the end of the event the bus will take you to the train station: Utrecht Centraal.

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Full program:

17.00 Gathering at Hotraco Agri’s booth (12.C100)
17.30 Bus transport to the event location
18.00 Welcome
18.30 Update on the vision of Hotraco Agri
19.00 BBQ & drinks
20.30 Music & entertainment
22.00 Ending & bus departs for trainstation: Utrecht Centraal

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