Fire protection

In 2012, Hotraco Agri BV became an exclusive dealer of the Phoenix Fire Protect (PFP) system. In combination with the Zentri-Jet nozzle system, this forms an ideal combination in the battle against barn fires. 

The Phoenix Fire Protect system is a fire prevention system designed for poultry barns and pigsties, etc. The system not only detects the fire, but fights the fire immediately, so that a lot of time is won. This increases the chances of survival of all the animals and people present. In this way, the PFP system also contributes to better animal welfare. 

The system works with a detection camera that makes it possible to recognise a fire at an early stage in a barn climate. The camera works on the basis of infrared and normal light; the transmitter and receiver communicate continuously with each other and analyse the barn air for the presence of toxic gases. The advantage is that a smouldering fire can also be signalled at an early stage. 

This is in contrast to traditional systems that use optical measurement or air samples for fire detection. The disadvantage of this traditional method is that it is not possible to make reliable measurements in animal accommodations with lots of dust, ammonia and damp or moisture. The result is that the system gives false alarms. The early signalling of the fire, even with the beginning of a fire that is still in a smouldering stage, helps to win time. 

When a fire is signalled, the Zentri-Jet nozzle system is activated, and forms a blanket of water mist in the area. The result is that the fire is kept under control at an early stage. By using high-quality nozzle technology and the acid-resistant pipes of Zentri-Jet, there is also a broad range of extra possibilities, such as:

  • Cooling and humidification of the area
  • Fighting (fine) dust
  • Dosing medicines
  • Disinfection of the area
  • Soaking with only 5% of the amount of water used in a normal soaking system 


By using high-quality products and relatively few moving parts, the system requires little maintenance and is reliable.

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