SmartWinch accessories

Mechanical accessories

Depending on the application, the SmartWinch can be fitted with a number of different drums and accessories that simplify installation and operation. The SmartWinch is available with a cable drum and single or double belt drum. A mounting plate, hand winch and isolating switch are also available. For more information on these options, please refer to the product information.

Electronic accessories

The PS-100 power supply unit is available in designs suited to 1 or 2 motors to control the SmartWinch. In AUTO mode, the SmartWinch receives the control signal from the central computer. In MAN mode, the SmartWinch can be controlled from 0 to 100% using a rotary knob. An uninterrupted power supply unit is also available, namely the HNO-PS. In the event of a power failure and/or breaking of the alarm contact, this ensures that the SmartWinch is sent to an emergency position. This can be an "open" or "closed" position, or a manual position set on the PS-100.

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